the man with no heart

the man with no heart


The Man With No Heart




Story and pictures


Dr. Jenni Silberstein








She began her search

A long time ago…






For what she was searching

She did not quite know




But something inside her told her


And find this thing

Of which you don't know

And so she set off

With her bag on her shoulder

Perhaps all she needed

Was someone to hold her






She looked and she searched

In all kinds of places

With all kinds of bags

And all kinds of faces






I must ask these people

If they know what I need

Perhaps they can give me

A clue or a lead


The first man she saw

He looked nice from afar

“He must be important

Perhaps he’s a star!”

She approached him quite slowly

And spoke to his reflection

“Do you know the way?

Can you give me direction?”

He only looked at the glass

And he gave a big sigh

But all that came out

Was “Me, me, me, I!”








And so she decided

To set off to sea

“Perhaps here I’ll find it

Perhaps here I’ll see”








“I am lost,” she said plainly

And I long to be found,”

But all she heard from his mouth

Was a gargling sound


She thought he said, “HELP!”

But she’ll never quite know,

For he dove off the boat

And he went with the flow…

“I hope,” she said

“That he did not drown”

But this man was content

In a world with no sound

And she thought to herself

As the boat headed South

"I have now met the man





 And then in the distance

She posted a shore

And she felt quite relieved

For she was tired and all sore

And as she stepped off

This small broken boat

Another man she saw

In a large overcoat




He was looking and looking

Through a strange sort of glass

And his eyes seemed to grow

When a lady would pass

“Perhaps if he’s looking

He will know what I need,

I will ask him,” she thought

“And my mind will be freed.”


She said, ”I am looking…

Can you help me see?”

His eyes they grew big

And his smile filled with glee

He said, “Oh what a beauty!

Oh what a prize

Oh what long legs

And what ravishing eyes!”

 She thought to herself

As she saw through his disguise

“This is the man





She walked down the beach

Feeling tired and depressed

“I just need a place

To sit down and rest.”

And so she sat

On a small little stump

With her head in her hands

Until something went, THUMP!”




 “What could that be?

What is that for?”

She said as she suddenly

Saw a small door

“Should I open this door

And see what’s inside?

Whoever is back there

Might help me decide.”






And so she closed

The door behind her

Hoping that someone,

Somewhere would find her.




Behind a small counter

Was one simple guy

All he said when he saw her

Was, “Hello there, Hi!”

He had all sorts of tools

Lying around him

She suddenly thought,

“Good heavens, I’ve found him!”




“I am searching,” she said

“Do you have the right tools?”

He said with a grin,

“If I follow the rules…”


“I can fix any surface

I have tools of all sizes

What I do is work

When the sun sets and rises.”



“You only fix surfaces?”

She said with fear

He just looked past her should

And said, “Mmmm…want a beer?”


“There is nothing her,” she said

“Nothing to find!”

“For this man is empty





 She kept trudging on

With her bag on her back

“It’s so heavy,” she said

“Perhaps I’ll unpack.”

As she said on a bench

To unload her bag

She looked down and thought

She saw something wag.




At first she thought

“There’s a dog at my feet”

Should I search through my bag

And find him a treat?”

“But this is no dog!”

She said with a laugh

“It’s a man on all fours

Who has sniffed out my path.”




But he shook his head slowly

And admired his grand view

“It’s better down here

I can look up at YOU?”

And she knew that their paths

Could not intertwine

For this man cold not stand





She walked away from this bench

Still dragging her bag

When in front of her eyes

Appeared a red flag!

“Ready, set go!” yelled a voice

As a sports car flew by,

She fell to the ground

And she started to cry.


The car it backed up

The window rolled down.

“Sorry,” said a man

“I’m on my way into town!”

And then his phone rang

And he said, “Hello…”

“I’ve got people to see...

And places to go…”

“Can I go with you?” she whispered

And he yelled, “NO WAY!”

There are plans to be made

And bills to be paid!”




“I must buy my house

Where I soon will live”

But he’d live there alone

For this man could not give

And as he sped off

To material lands

She thought, ”Here he is…


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She picked up her things

And she said, “Oh brother…”

When she felt a great pull

A pull like no other.”

She thought she heard music

The tune was hypnotic

She tapped on her head and thought

“Am I psychotic?”

Like a magnet it pulled her

This unwieldy force

Her search was forgotten

Her plans and her course.

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Around a pole he was wrapped

When she spotted this man

And a voice deep inside her yelled

“Run if you can!”

The force was too great

And the two of them danced

To his music he swung her

As he twirled and he pranced

He moved circles around her

Looking deep in her yes

Dazzling her

With his unworldly wise.

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“Do you know…” she began

“Yes I know what you need

Yes I do, yes I do

Yes I do indeed…”

And he beckoned her sweetly

To climb in his bag

“I’m quite good,” he said slyly

“And I don’t mean to brag”

“Stop the book, halt the wheel

Turn it back,” said a sign

But she did not hear

Because she felt just fine!

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She awoke the next morning

At a quartered to five

And she hugged him and thought

“Gosh I feel so alive!”

But suddenly something

Did not seem quite right.

And she thought it had something

To do with the light.

But the man beside her

Looked peaceful and rested

As if he had eaten

And it had digested.

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She decided to lay

Her head on his chest

And then she screamed, “Oh my God

I must get dressed!”

This dancer that she thought

Was so kind and sweet

This dancer was off

He was missing a…BEAT!

She said to herself, “I must run!

I must dart!”

For she knew she had met him


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She grabbed her heart

Which he held in his hand

“Must this search be so painful?”

She thought as she ran.

And she ran and she ran

Till she fell to the ground

And dreamed a sweet dream

That at last she was found.

But in the dream

She was not found by a man

But someone familiar

Who held out her hand.


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“It’s ME!” the voice cried

“The one that’s been here

When you lost your way

And things were not clear.”

“It’s ME” the voice cried

“I’ve been here the whole time.

And I’m feeling strong!

And I’m feeling fine!”

“Please don’t run anymore

What you need is inside.

I’m here! Yes I’m here!”

The voice cried and it cried.

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And then she awoke

And she said, “Who was that?”

But no one was there

No not where she sat.

She wiped her eyes slowly

And she sat up real straight.

She said to herself

Oh my gosh I can’t wait!”

She picked up her bag

Somehow it felt lighter.

She picked up her heart

For she knew it would guide her.

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“All these men that lacked part,”

She slowly reflected

“Were cut off somehow

And disconnected.”

And she smiled to herself

She had found what she needed

Her search it was over

It had now been completed

She had found the thing

That made her feel whole

She had found it inside

In the depths of her soul.

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And now she could stroll

To all kinds of places

With all kinds of bags

And all kinds of faces.

And if perhaps someone

Who knew what they needed

Happened to ask her

“Is your search completed?”

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If their parts were not lacking

They were whole and complete.

Their smile was sincere

Their intentions were sweet.

“MY search it is over.”

She would say with a grin

But take my hand dear

And OUR search will begin…”

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