the race of innocence

the race of innocence

The Race of Innocence Cover



dedicated to people of all colors





Everybody’s in a race

Going to a different place

Going here and going there

Going, going everywhere

The Race of Innocence Cover





There’s a Blue man

In his car

There’s a Black man

Running far

The Race of Innocence Cover





Everybody says


How are you?

I have to go!”

The Race of Innocence Cover





Running, running

In a race

Keeping up

The quickened pace

The Race of Innocence Cover





There’s a Green man

Big and tall

Running from

A man that’s small

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There’s a White man

In a haste

He simply has

No time to waste


And look, who’s that!

A Purple boy

But he is not running

He is playing with a toy

And what a smile

He is wearing on his face

As he plays and he plays

In his own little space

He is not running

From a boy that is Blue

No he seems to have

More exciting things to do!


And soon walks over

An Orange little girl

Who wears her hair in

And Orange little curl

She says to the Purple boy

“Can I play with you?”

And the boy says, “Sure,

It’s more fun to play with two.”

And they play all day

Just as happy as can be

Till the Purple man comes and says

“Boy can’t you see!”


“We must race, we must race

With people of our kind

Can’t you see little boy

You must not be so blind!”

 “But why must we go

Says the boy to his dad

I have made a new friend

If I go I will be sad!”

“We must run,” said the man

With his round Purple eyes

And as he spoke to his son

His voice began to rise

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“That little girls is colored

She’s Orange can’t you see

She belongs somewhere else

Not here with you and me!”

“Her color is so pretty Dad

Why are you yelling so?

We played all day and laughed a lot

Why should I have to go?”

 “You are too young, my son

To know of what I say

You’re only job right now

Is to listen and obey.”

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And so the Purple boy

Went to his Purple land

And listened to his Mom and Dad

Who held his purple hand

 And as he listened to them speak

About their Purple race

He thought about the Orange girl

He thought about her face

And he smiled sort of silly

There just had to be a way

For the Orange girl to find him

To come over and to play

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But the Orange girl, she had returned

Back to her Orange land

Where her mother fed her livingly

From her Orange hand

“Today I met a Purple boy.”

The girl said to her mother

“We laughed and played the whole day through.

We really liked each other.”

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“You mustn’t play with Purple boys”

Her mother said with fear

“For Orange girls have Orange friends

From others we stay clear!”

And the racing did not stop you see

It kept its mighty speed

As the races raced to get ahead

Through bitterness and greed

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Colors, Colors! Everywhere!

Splattered to the ground

Smudging into one another

Fighting to be found

Mixing into different races

Feeling different in their faces

Racing here and racing there

Racing, racing everywhere!

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Racing till they could not see

Just what they left behind

Racing till they did not know

Just what they hoped to find

 Running from humanity

From Browns and paleish Whites

Fearing that if they don’t run

They will lose their rights

Children laughing with delight

When the colors got it right

Mixing with complete perfection

Giving up the fight

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But grownups race for different reasons

Running with their fear

Separate races,

Hoping that the others disappear

 Until they are split far apart

In lands of sheer confusion

Painting with their tiny hands

A magical illusion

Hostility and hatred

Humility and pride

Pain and sadness welling up

Way down deep inside

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And guess who says, “please stop this race?

Let’s join each other’s hands

And move around together

Everyone from different lands!”

The children are the ones

Who simply cannot see

That races are important

For all humanity

They do not want to run away

From Orange friends or Blue

They only want to sit and play

As children like to do

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The Race of Innocence stands still

And does not really know

Why the world runs back and forth

With no real place to go

 The children in their innocence

In their unknowing ways

Know more than we could ever hope

In all our living days

Their blindness gives then honesty

Their laughter gives them hope

Their simplicity and truth tells us

The human race can cope

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Just listen to the children

For their blindness is our guide

To all the things we cannot see

The important things inside

And even thought we’ve grown beyond

Both innocence and younth

The children they can guide us

To the glorifying truth

So listen closely to their laughter

Let them lead the way

Listen to their words ad thoughts

Watch them as they play

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Through this race of Innocence

We’ll join our hands as one

And soon a new race will emerge

A race that does not run

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