little balls can fly

little balls can fly







To my dear little Kevin, a boy with wings


To Nelson Mandela, a man among kings




In a shanty town

Where houses were blue

And children were sad

And poverty grew


Smiles were all broken

Mothers grew old

Little boys lurked

Where strange things were sold




In a small little hole

That was black and all blue

Lived a little round ball

That was far from plain view


 Someone had kicked it

A long time ago

It had rolled in the corner

Its head was held low




It was dusty

It looked as if it needed air

And also much love

And a little more care


This poor little ball thought

“I have been forgotten

I feel lonely and said

I feel hopeless and rotten!”




And so this small ball

Lay in this small hole

The worlds felt as if

It had taken its toll


And then one day

Someone noticed him there

Someone filled with compassion

With love and with care




Someone picked him up

And held him near

And said, “Dear little ball

How sad you appear.”


The ball looked at the Someone

With sorrowful eyes

Who listened real close

To the little ball’s cries




And as the ball

Cried to this Someone who found him

He noticed the world seemed

Much lighter around him


And as the ball cried

He felt safe and protected

He no longer thought,

I’m alone and rejected.”




And soon the balls

Self-esteem filled up with air

“I can bounce back,” he thought

“And persevere!”


And so the Someone

Said to the small ball

“It is time for you

To escape from it all.”




“Away from this corner

All black and all blue

And into a world

That is waiting for you.”


And so lightly he tossed

The ball to the sky

And as the ball soared away

He yelled, “Good-bye!”




“Take care of yourself

And hold onto my hand

My strength it will guide you

Wherever you land.”


And the ball it yelled back

From way up in the sky,

“Thank you dear friend

And now I must fly!”



The ball it traveled

To all sorts of places

With all sorts of people

And all sorts of faces




And though times of hardship

He looked down from the air

And thought to himself

“There is somebody there!”


“There is somebody out there

Who cares about me

I will not let them down

I will shine, you will see!”




And soon the ball bounced

Higher and higher

So high that the

Zest in him almost caught fire


And as he bounced

From here to there

He sprinkled some magic

On those needing air


And soon the resilience

In the towns that were blue

Rose up to a level

That was hard to undo

Broken smiles

Were slowly mended

Little balls tragedies

Gradually ended 

And the ball was so happy

He bounced higher and higher

Until the edges of him

Finally did catch on fire


It was here that he shone

His powerful rays

Onto all who needed

His love and his praise 

In all his grandeur

In all his brilliance

He realized that

Now he was king of resilience

 And from now on

Each day he would glow

And shine down on those

Who had nowhere to go




For once he had lived

In a small little hole

The world had weighed heavy

On his fragile soul


Someone had come down

By luck or by fate

And pulled him out

Of his sad little state




And when one learns

That he has a choice

That he has a right

And that he has a voice


The world it will glow

And all will be fine

For it just takes one person

To help little balls shine







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