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young Jenny

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been interested in art and writing.  As a child, I could always be found drawing on anything and everything, creating hundreds of magical and fanciful creatures and images.

As I grew up, these enchanting images were combined with words as my journals overflowed with my daily experiences, feelings and never-ending stories. 

After graduating with a B.A. in English where I studied the classics, I was accepted to many prestigious art schools around the country.  While deciding whether or not I wanted to enroll, I worked for an international art company in San Francisco, (Art Group International) helping place world-renowned artists’ work in private homes and hotels around the world. 

Inspired by my mother, who worked in the field of psychology my interest in the human mind grew and I decided to advance in the field of psychology, receiving an M.A. in counseling psychology and a Ph.D. in depth psychology.

While practicing psychology for over fifteen years in various settings, including my private practice, the Center for Creative Psychology, my passion for art and writing grew.  While treating hundreds of clients struggling with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, divorce and eating disorders, I observed that all of her stories and artwork were universal messages.

My simple, child-like characters (He and She) represent the yearnings of all human beings – to find true connection and understanding. Their flat, surface-like appearance mirrors our everyday existence in a mundane, earthly world.

Soul Mate

My more complex versions of He and She depict our journey to the depths, the unconscious, the dream-world where nothing is as it appears and everything is full of marvel, complexity and wonder. 

whimsical art

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